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While we’re waiting for IndyPlanet to upload our latest issues (Big Bang Adventures #23 and 24, Knight Watchman: Creatures of the Knight #2, National Guardians #3), I thought I’d remind you of our other recent issues that have been listed on

Big Bang Adventures #18

Journey into the past with these two Ultiman stories. In “The Fury of Faust’s Four”, our hero fails to save a moon-bound rocket from blowing up and as the four occupants lay dying they sell their souls to a demon for revenge against Ultiman, becoming some of the Ultimate Human Being’s most dangerous enemies: The Visible Man, the Wisp, Vesuvius and the Glob. Art: Ron Williams. Pinups Frank Fosco. Next up, Ultraman’s toddler daughter gains his amazing powers from a chunk of Ultranium, the radioactive meteor that originally gave Chris Kelly his own powers, which are now at low ebb. How do you stop the world’s most powerful baby – especially when she’s angry? Art: Jeff Weigel.

The Last Whiz Kids Story Is Complete!

All 3 Issues of Pedro Angosto and Jorge Santamaria’s fantastic “Last Whiz Kids Story” are available at


Spotlight On Big Bang!

All you’ve ever wanted to know about Big Bang Comics! Click the image below for a free pdf

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    Spotlight on Big Bang Comics

Latest Issues of Big Bang Comics On Sale Now!

Greetings to all of you in the Big Bang Gang. There are new issues of Big Bang Comics up for sale on as print-on-demand copies for about $5.00 or pdf downloads for 99 cents. You ought to check them out. These are issues of Big Bang Adventures and our Anomalies series. It’s New Comic Book Day every day at Here are our latest offerings, all available at


Case Aiken Explores Big Bang on YouTube

In case you haven’t seen them, Case Aiken has some great videos on YouTube featuring some of the Big Bang characters. Check them out.


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