The Last Whiz Kids Story Is Complete!

All 3 Issues of Pedro Angosto and Jorge Santamaria’s fantastic “Last Whiz Kids Story” are available at

When a mysterious killer murders the crimefighter Mr. ?, Galahad discovers a centuries-old conspiracy by the leader of the Assassins, a sorcerer called the Old Man of the Mountain. The Whiz Kids regroup with new members to fight this menace. It takes them on a Quest for the Holy Grail, from Iran to the blessed island of Sarras led by the returned wizard Mike Merlin. Not only the villains from BloodPact and sorceress Kundry stand in their way, bur Galahad will discover some shocking truths about his past that were hidden for many years. All that, plus many more surprises.

Big Bang Adventures # 14, 18 and 22 (plus many more issues) are available here:



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