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Allen Berrebbi

Allen Berrebbi is the behind the scene producing guru of the Big Bang Team. Allen brings over 20 years experience in the comic book and business world helping to launch Future Comics with Bob Layton of Iron Man fame as well as his own growing IT business, KRB Media (

He is also the producer and host of two successful radio programs in the Tampa Bay area, Your PC Hero and The Hollywood Diary.

Allen also has an extensive video and film background, being the creator of the much missed television show, The Comic Book Show, through which he made his numerous contacts in the industry.

Chris Ecker

Chris Ecker has over thirty years experience in both the creative and retail ends of the comics industry. Hired as the first employee of Moondogs Comics, Chris spent over fifteen years in management of ChicagoLands most prominent chain of comics and pop culture stores. Chris eventually moved into journalism as a writer/editor for Sendai publications HERO ILLUSTRATED magazine and HERO ON-LINE.

Ecker’s cartooning career included a stint as assistant to Rick Fletcher on the DICK TRACY syndicated comic strip and as a gag cartoonist, with work appearing in the Chicago Tribune Sunday comics.

He was a mainstay at MEGATON with Carlson, and also created and drew the independent b&w comic books RAMM and EBNN THE RAVEN.

Chris co-founded Now Comics in the 1980s and served as its first art director. Now published such licensed titles as SPEED RACER, ASTRO BOY, REAL GHOSTBUSTERS, TERMINATOR and others.

Chris also created and served as editor/writer on BATTLE-AXE MAGAZINE for Comics Interview, and worked as a freelance artist in advertising and comic books, his work gracing the pages of First Comics, Mirage Publishing and others before co-creating BIG BANG COMICS.

Gary Carlson

Gary Carlson wrote and published the independent comic book MEGATON during the 1980s, which helped usher in the do-it-yourself black & white comics boom of that decade.

MEGATON is remembered as a training ground for comic book professionals. Erik Larsen, Rob Liefeld, and Jackson Guice are among those whose first professional assignments were for Carlson. MEGATON was also the first home to such Image Comics characters as Erik Larsen’s SAVAGE DRAGON, Rob Liefeld’s YOUNGBLOOD and Larsen & Carlson’s VANGUARD, which later prompted Liefeld to dub Carlson the “Grandfather of Image Comics”.

In the ‘90s, Carlson wrote BERZERKER for Caliber Press, and co-created the retro anthology series BIG BANG COMICS with Chris Ecker.

Carlson has also written various VANGUARD mini-series, back-ups and one shots for Image, where he also scripted MARS ATTACKS IMAGE and wrote SUPREME, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES volume 3, as well as editing and co-writing BIG BANG COMICS, which moved to Image Comics in 1996. He has also co-written Aquaman and NOVA with Erik Larsen.

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