The Anomalies

The ANOMALIES comic book series is the next generation of heroes in the continuing history of Megaton Comics and Big Bang Comics.


ANOMALIES is the first dedicated “team” comic book series that Gary Carlson and Chris Ecker have created. It is connected historically to the Big Bang Comics universe, yet a wholly separate entity.  ANOMALIES has elements of horror, science fiction, deep state intrigue, spy novels, superpowered heroes, and a touch of adventure cartoons like Jonny Quest and Space Ghost.

The Anomalies Sample Page-01

Anomalies, issue 1 page 1. Story Chris Ecker, Art Ron C. Williams, Colors Glenn Whitmore.


The inspiration for these characters was the idea that for every deficit, humans have an ability to compensate and often excel in other ways. For every “minus”, there is an equal or sometimes superior “plus”. The characters have developed extraordinary and unexpected powers that offset any perceived handicap inflicted upon them.

The Anomalies Sample Page-04

Anomalies #1, page 4 Story Chris Ecker, Art Ron C. Williams, Colors Glenn Witmore


Carlson and Ecker have been publishing independent comic books together since the 1980s. Their titles have included Megaton Comics, EB’NN The Raven, Berzerker, Dr. Weird, Battle Axe Magazine, and since 1994, Big Bang Comics featuring their creations Ultiman, Knight Watchman, Venus, and Thunder Girl. In the 1980s, Megaton Comics became a “minor league” for future “big league” comic book creators, including Erik Larsen, Angel Medina, Frank Fosco, Rob Liefeld, Jackson Guice, Dan Reed, and others. Carlson’s and Ecker’s works have appeared in comics published by Image, IDW, NOW, First, DC, Marvel, Caliber, and Americomics.

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