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Case Aiken Explores Big Bang on YouTube

In case you haven’t seen them, Case Aiken has some great videos on YouTube featuring some of the Big Bang characters. Check them out.


Latest Issues of Big Bang Adventures On Sale Now At

Hi Everybody!

The latest issues of Big Bang Adventures are up for sale on as print-on-demand copies for about $5.00 or pdf downloads for 99 cents.

Ultiman is back in BBA #15, guest starring Megaton and Shutterbug as they face the briliiantly evil Dexter Cortex, who is out to kill the Ultimate Human Being and everyone that he loves – by using Ultiman’s own robots against him! Story by me (Gary Carlson), art by Ron Williams and colors by Glenn Whitmore.


Big Bang Adventures Latest Issues





Hi gang. Just a reminder that the latest issues of Big Bang Adventures are up for sale on and print-on-demand copies or pdf downloads. The contents and characters vary from issue to issue, but there is a continuity behind it all. Mostly, we try to have fun.


BB Chronological 49: BB #29 – Knight of the Living Dead Pt. 2

Red Ted McKenna was back as the main bad guy in BIG BANG COMICS #29, but the real focus of the main story, Knight of the Living Dead Part 2, was a character called the Spook who never appeared in the first part.


BB Chronological 48: BB #28 – Knight of the Living Dead Pt. 1

BIG BANG COMICS #28 marked a return to the modern era of comics for the Knight Watchman when it was originally published back in December 1999 by Image Comics. It was pretty much a follow-up to the Knight Watchman: Graveyard Shift mini-series, although this time writer Chris Ecker also penciled the story, which was inked by Jim Brozman.


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