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The latest issues of Big Bang Adventures are up for sale on as print-on-demand copies for about $5.00 or pdf downloads for 99 cents.

Ultiman is back in BBA #15, guest starring Megaton and Shutterbug as they face the briliiantly evil Dexter Cortex, who is out to kill the Ultimate Human Being and everyone that he loves – by using Ultiman’s own robots against him! Story by me (Gary Carlson), art by Ron Williams and colors by Glenn Whitmore.

The Whiz Kids are back and starring in Big Bang Adventures #15’s The Last Whiz Kids Story, written by Pedro Angosto, pencilled by Jorge Santamaria, inked by Juan Moreno, and colored by Daniel Caramanico. The mysterious hero known as Mr. ? has been murdered and Galahad recruits the past members of the Whiz Kids to help unravel the mystery.

Big Bang Adventures #13 stars both Thunder Girl and Megaton in their own stories. The World’s Strongest Girl squares off against her old enemy Hydro, and Megaton journeys to Ultiman’s Secret Citadel, a desert island in the Pacific Ocean in this prequel to the adventure in issue #15. All this plus a Venus role playing game by Scott Casper.

And finally, Big Bang Adventures #12 celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Megaton #1, where the Big Bang Universe all began, with these prequel tales that predate that historic first issue. “Touchdown!” – Before desperation led Dr. Pomeroy to turn the dying Matt Scott into Megaton, another seemingly ideal candidate became Pulsar, a journey that would lead him on a collision course with Matt’s destiny. “Napier Stays” – When everyone else had left Matt, and his fortune was gone, his dedicated and unflinching butler remained to help him find his way. Yet there was more to Napier than Matt ever imagined. Stories and Art by Allen Forbes II.

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