If you grew up reading and loving super-hero comic books anytime during the years between 1938 and 1990, chances are you’ll feel right at home with Big Bang Comics. Go ahead: grab a copy, lay down on the living room rug and take a trip down memory lane, to a time when you read comics for fun!

Sure, it all seems familiar: you recognize the art styles, the stories, the cheap paper and flat colors. Even the characters seem the same, and yet – – they’re different!

There’s Ultiman, the Knight Watchman & his sidekick Kid Galahad, the Blitz, Venus, the Badge, Thunder Girl, Robo-Hood and many, many others: all the archetypical characters you’ve known and loved over the years in fresh, exciting new guises.

It’s not like reading about yet another comic book universe: it’s more like reading your comic books, if they had been created on an alternate Earth!

The original Big Bang Comics mini-series, published by Caliber Press in 1994-95, has been described as a “magical mystery tour through the history of comic books”.

Cat Yronwode, in her Fit To Print column, said this about Big Bang: “The first issue of Big Bang came out in 1994, but it looked as if it had shipped direct from 1944. A full colour ticket to comics-nostalgia-land”.

Not parodies, Big Bang Comics recreates the essence of the classic comic books of the past, hand-crafted by people who love comics for people who love comics.

Welcome to a past that has never truly existed – – until now!

Who should be reading Big Bang Comics?

  • Anyone who remembers the good old days, when heroes were heroes and comic books were fun.
  • Anyone whose favorite heroes disappeared in one crisis or another. Check us out and see if you don’t recognize a few familiar archetypes.
  • Fans and collectors of Golden-Age and Silver-Age comics: where else do you find recent work by such legendary artists as Shelly Moldoff, Mart Nodell, Curt Swan & Murphy Anderson, Dave Cockrum, Rich Buckler and others?
  • Comics fans of all ages: Our official fan club, the Junior Watchmen of America, has members ranging from age three to seventy-three.
  • Anyone who loves good comics. If you like the animated adventures of your favorite characters, give Big Bang a shot.

Who should be reading Big Bang Comics?

You should be reading Big Bang Comics!


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