Beacon Earth A

The Beacon Earth AReal Name: Dr Julia Gardner

Identity/Class: Human technology user (extra-terrestrial technology)

Occupation: Gemologist

Affiliations: Regina Oliver (assistant), Captain Jordan Stuart (fiance), Round Table of America

Enemies: Synestrons, Sub-Human

Known Relatives: Unnamed father

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Earth A

First Appearance: Big Bang #3 (Caliber)

Powers/Abilities: Her jewel can generate a purple force field, a green strength ray and a yellow flight ray.

History: While driving to work one day at her father’s laboratory, beautiful young gemologist Julia Gardner witnessed a UFO crash landing in the fields next to the road. Bravely checking if anyone was injured, Julia discoverd a dying alien woman, with green skin! The alien pointed towards the ship’s power source, a strange glowing jewel, and promptly died, leaving nothing but an empty costume.

Julia took the costume and jewel from the ship, which quickly atomized, leaving no trace of its existence. Arriving at her lab, Julia tested the jewel with the aid of her assistant, Regina Oliver. The radiation seemed to be harmless (though she took the costume in the assumption that it would protect her from the radiation) and could be used to produce many different effects. Hearing of an alien invasion, and that her fiance, Captain Jordan Stuart, was at the landing site, Julia flew out to help. With the addition of a pair of safety goggles, Jordan (and later, her father) failed to recognise her. The alien, known as Synestrons, were horrified to see an Earth woman wielding the power source of a Dextron star ship as a weapon and gave up their plans for conquest. Afterwards Julia continued to adventure as the costumed heroine, the Beacon. She was a founder member of the RTA. After adventuring for some time, she met the Earth B Beacon for the first time. They discovered that their power crystals were identical. Eventually Julia retired from crime fighting to become the curator of the RTA museum. Still beautiful at age 55, she was killed when a villain called the Sub-Human attacks the museum.

Comments: Thanks to Chris Adams for all the information used on this page. He notes that “The Earth A Beacon is a clever mixture of Green Lantern, Star Sapphire and Wonder Woman.”

CLARIFICATIONS: Not to be confused with

  • Beacon, her Earth B counterpart



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