Christine (Christie) Kelly

Secret Identity: none

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: student

Known Relatives: Chris (father) Carl (deceased uncle), Arlene (mother)

Base of Operations: Earth A

Powers/Abilities: Ultrastrength, invulnerability. Fluoroscopic vision, laser vision and ultra-hearing. Able to fly, possesses ultraspeed.

History: Daughter of Chris (Ultiman) Kelly and Arlene (Arliss) Kelly. Perfectly normal little girl whose parents divorced when she was five years old. She lives with her mother but spend as much time with her father as possible, usually at the compound in the Rockies. She tried to be there especially when he recharged his powers to nurse him through the resulting radiation sickness.

On one such visit something went terribly wrong and the meteor exploded, charging Christie with powers like her father’s. Ultiman disappeared and was presumed dead, but was actually supercharged with energy and transformed into a raging hulking monster.

When the energy faded, Chris Kelly let the world and his daughter believe that he was dead. The Uranium meteor was gone and the only source of power was Christie herself. Ultiman discovered to his horror that his body greedily sucked the energy from christie along with her life force. He disappeared so as not be tempted by the power. Christie became ULTRAGIRL to try to make up for the absence of her father.

Ultragirl first began appearing in Big Bang Comics in the late 1960s. The stories, “Tales of Tomorrow” were set in the near future, after Ultiman had married and had an ultra-powered teenaged daughter. Christine Kelly’s mother was always shown in shadow or from behind, her face never shown, so the readers couldn’t be certain which of his many girlfriends Ultiman had married.

Because she was from an undetermined future, most of her adventures took place 1000 years farther into in the future, where she joined a group of super powered teenagers called the Pantheon of Heroes.



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