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While we’re waiting for IndyPlanet to upload our latest issues (Big Bang Adventures #23 and 24, Knight Watchman: Creatures of the Knight #2, National Guardians #3), I thought I’d remind you of our other recent issues that have been listed on

Big Bang Adventures #18

Journey into the past with these two Ultiman stories. In “The Fury of Faust’s Four”, our hero fails to save a moon-bound rocket from blowing up and as the four occupants lay dying they sell their souls to a demon for revenge against Ultiman, becoming some of the Ultimate Human Being’s most dangerous enemies: The Visible Man, the Wisp, Vesuvius and the Glob. Art: Ron Williams. Pinups Frank Fosco. Next up, Ultraman’s toddler daughter gains his amazing powers from a chunk of Ultranium, the radioactive meteor that originally gave Chris Kelly his own powers, which are now at low ebb. How do you stop the world’s most powerful baby – especially when she’s angry? Art: Jeff Weigel.

Big Bang Adventures #19

Vinnie Fresco’s rendezvous with Venus, Goddess of Love is cut short when she is called away by the Round Table of America. Moments later, Vinnie is contacted by another alien on Earth, named Vanguard. Just as Vinnie protects the Earth from his own people, Vanguard protects against attacks from his people’s enemies. Van has detected an alien presence near the planet Venus, with multiple eyes and wonders if he’s related to Vinnie’s people. Vinnie zooms off to to check it out and discovers a powerful being known as the Juggler of Worlds.

Art: Cesar Madarro

Big Bang Adventures #20 and 21

This action packed two-parter takes place just over a year after the events in the classic Knight Watchman: Graveyard Shift storyline. The new Mayor of Midway City is running for reelection by campaigning against mercenaries like Galahad and the Knight Watchman. Jerry Randall, who uses both identities to fight crime since his uncle Reid’s retirement is battling bad publicity and crime as new villains the Inquizitor and Cardinal Sin target the city. When the Mayoral Election ends, John Princeton has won and his anti-vigilante program will become law. Galahad promised to retire if this happened, but just to make sure that he did, the InQuizitor’s assistant Cardinal Sin makes it appear that the White Knight used a bazooka to blow up a sign in the middle of town. Art: Ron Williams. Plus, a new Dr. Weird prose story “A Duel With A Dead-King!” by Ray MacKay with art by Glenn Whitmore.

Big Bang Adventures #22

The Last Whiz Kids Story reaches its climax as our heroes fight sorcerers, evil genies and Assassins. When tragedy strikes again, the Fate of the World depends on Galahad making his own Leap of Faith. Two lost members of the team join the fight, but for another two it will really be their LAST! Burials, the New Round Table of America & some other guests. Plus a great Pin-up gallery! By the classic team of Pedro Angosto, Jorge Santamaria and Juan Moreno.

Anomalies #5

Jinx introduces newcomer Jimmy Griffin to the world of T.A.R.O.T. by testing out his new Arachnoid enhancements in a trial by combat. Then they join the fracas between the Anomalies Beta Team and the Spoilers, which has drawn the attention of The Project, T.A.R.O.T., and The Humanity Salvation Mission, which which all launch investigations by agents from each organization. As the battle continues, all sides discover that they have a new common foe. What new threat could possibly bring all of these enemies together? Find out in, “Enter The Arachnoid!” Art: Ron C. Williams

Knight Watchman: Creatures of the Knight #1

The original Knight Watchman’s rogues gallery takes on monstrous identities in this dark homage to the great classic Monster films. The madly manic Pink Flamingo gathers Hal “Mr. Mask” Owen, Chester “The Cheshire Cat” Katz, Patsy “The Paper Doll” Dahl and Edward “Grandfather Clock” Klock in an effort to resurrect the vampire Baron Fledermaus from his grave to wreak havoc on Midway City. Meanwhile the ghoulish living deadman Red Ted has a change of heart and identity, becoming the mysterious protector of the city’s homeless population who have come under the attack of a vampire cult. Will Ted and Knight Watchman join forces or clash? Story and art by the team that brought you the classic Graveyard Shift: Chris Ecker art and Ben Torres.

All of these and much more are available only at Be sure to check them out and watch for the new issues too.




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