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Greetings to all of you in the Big Bang Gang. There are new issues of Big Bang Comics up for sale on as print-on-demand copies for about $5.00 or pdf downloads for 99 cents. You ought to check them out. These are issues of Big Bang Adventures and our Anomalies series. It’s New Comic Book Day every day at Here are our latest offerings, all available at

In Big Bang Adventures #17, the Whiz Kids and Mike Merlin launch a full scale attack on Alamut, base of the mysterious Old Man of the Mountains and his Assassins. But are they too late to stop the villain who seeks to reach the Holy Grail? Inside the castle, dark and forgotten secrets from Galahad’s past await when he discovers Sword of Allah’s true identity! Guest-starring Robo-Hood, Thunder Girl, Lady Knight and the Whizzards! Plus a fantastic pin-up gallery!

Story by Pedro Angosto, art by Jorge Santamaria and Juan Moreno, colors by Ulises Kuroshima and letters by Adam Pruett. Edited by Gary Carlson

The beautiful Thunder Girl stars in Big Bang Adventures #16, featuring an even more beautiful cover and first story art by Jonathan Dhenry. When Wendell Wilkins’ science experiment at Maryvale High School goes awry and transfers Thunder Girl’s amazing powers to three athletes. Instead of using their new abilities for good, the three jocks run amuck in town, trying to decide which one gets to be the World’s Strongest Girl’s boyfriend. This is a fun tale homaging Archie and his Riverdale pals. Story by Gary Carlson and Chris Ecker.

After sorting out that mess, Molly Wilson uses her powers to stop the diabolical River Rat Gang, but things really get out of control when she meets a magical cat in an alley and must face “The Curse of the Thunder Kitten!” Story by Gary Carlson and art by Francisco Menor. All this plus a gallery of pinups covering Thunder Girl’s history.

Then, Not So Secret Origins presents the Knight Watchman in “Birth of the Greatest Hero” by Pepe Diaz and Jose Aguilera.

The Anomalies are back in their second and third issues. Hopefully you’ve checked out the previous stories in Big Bang Adventures #7 and issue #1 of Anomalies. Issue #2 features the top-secret government team known as the ANOMALIES, young humans who were genetically mutated by exposure to the radioactive Element K which gave Ultiman his powers years earlier, who drop onto an island fortress to rescue Victor Stalina (code name: Richter) who had been kidnapped by the underground organization known as T.A.R.O.T. The Anomalies, led by Victor’s older sister Anya Stalina (a.k.a. Inertia) successfully liberated him, only to be confronted by another team of enhanced humans: Terrie O’Hara (Sweet T), Bobby Topps (Black Ice) and Billie J. Jackson (White Lightnin’), collectively known as The Spoilers.

In Anomalies 3, the Anomalies have successfully liberated Victor (Richter) from the clutches of T.A.R.O.T., but the mastermind known as “His Excellency” has not given up on defeating them. Enter: JINX! Is she friend or foe? Will she use her past ties to members of The Project for good or ill? And what of the other, yet undisclosed anomaly-powered “Children of the Meteor”? Project Director Isinglass wonders on whose side Team Beta’s loyalties will fall? More intrigue, more adventure, more ANOMALIES! Both issues written by Chris Ecker, art by Ron Charles William edited by Gary Carlson and cover colors by Glenn Whitmore


Plus, these other great issues are Coming Soon. Both Big Bang Adventures #18 and Anomalies #4 are at the printer and will be listed for sale soon. See you next time.




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