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Latest Issues of Big Bang Adventures On Sale Now At

Hi Everybody!

The latest issues of Big Bang Adventures are up for sale on as print-on-demand copies for about $5.00 or pdf downloads for 99 cents.

Ultiman is back in BBA #15, guest starring Megaton and Shutterbug as they face the briliiantly evil Dexter Cortex, who is out to kill the Ultimate Human Being and everyone that he loves – by using Ultiman’s own robots against him! Story by me (Gary Carlson), art by Ron Williams and colors by Glenn Whitmore.


Big Bang Adventures Latest Issues





Hi gang. Just a reminder that the latest issues of Big Bang Adventures are up for sale on and print-on-demand copies or pdf downloads. The contents and characters vary from issue to issue, but there is a continuity behind it all. Mostly, we try to have fun.


BB Chronological 49: BB #29 – Knight of the Living Dead Pt. 2

Red Ted McKenna was back as the main bad guy in BIG BANG COMICS #29, but the real focus of the main story, Knight of the Living Dead Part 2, was a character called the Spook who never appeared in the first part.


BB Chronological 48: BB #28 – Knight of the Living Dead Pt. 1

BIG BANG COMICS #28 marked a return to the modern era of comics for the Knight Watchman when it was originally published back in December 1999 by Image Comics. It was pretty much a follow-up to the Knight Watchman: Graveyard Shift mini-series, although this time writer Chris Ecker also penciled the story, which was inked by Jim Brozman.


BB Chronological 47: BB #27 – History of Big Bang Comics Pt. 2

Hello everybody. It’s great to be back working on the BANG! Blog. It’s been about 15 months since my last Big Bang Chronological post, and I apologize for the delay. Unfortunately, after fighting a long sickness through 2020, it turned out to be a hard-to-detect cancer in my small bowel. That led to surgery, and a long hospital stay and rehab. I am currently doing fine, getting to the end of my chemotherapy and am finally able to work at my computer for short periods of time.


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