The Anomalies

Hi. We’re trying something a little bit different at Big Bang Comics right now and we can use your help. Each issue of Big Bang Adventures features a variety of characters and stories, but we’re hoping to issue multiple issues of this book in a row and not spread them out over a year or two. The series is written by Chris Ecker, drawn by Ron Williams, colored by Glenn Whitmore and edited by myself, Gary Carlson.

The Anomalies comic takes place in the Big Bang Comics universe, dating all the way back to Megaton #1 where we first met Astronaut Chris Kelly, whose space capsule collided with a radioactive meteor. The radiation killed another astronaut, but after a long illness, Kelly’s body adapted and gained mighty powers, transforming him into the super-hero Ultiman.

The radiation seemed to have little effect on other people, until years later when the children and grandchildren of those exposed to it were born with varying birth defects as well as amazing powers.

Anomalies are a group of young people with extraordinary powers that offset their physical handicaps. They include Anya

known as Inertia, who is immoveable when she desires, with total control over the movement of all other things.

There’s Matt, born without arms and legs who developed psychic limbs to compensate as a youngster. And Sam, or Flex, who developed super dense muscles as a child but lost his outer skin.

Unlike some other Big Bang characters, these are not homages or based on any other characters. It’s an all-new, all-original series that we hope you will enjoy.

We are trying a crowd-funding program called KickStarter where fans and friends can help fund the comic basically by pre-buying the book and getting extra incentives for their help.

Funding levels begin as low as $5 which will get you a pdf of the first issue. Other levels include printed versions of the comic, a “Making of the Anomalies” sketchbook, mini-poster, both print and pdf versions of the book and even sketch covers.

Higher levels include printed copies of all five issues of Big Bang Adventures as incentives, as well as hard to find back issues of Chris Ecker’s Ramm #1 and 2 comic book from 1987, as well as the Wizard Edition of Megaton #3 and Savage Dragon #1/2, both featuring Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon.

The highest level of sponsorship includes copies of Anomalies, both issues of Ramm, Megaton #1 through 8 plus the super rare Megaton Explosion, all signed by Chris and myself.

There is also a level of funding that allows you to obtain a page of gorgeous original artwork from Anomalies #1 by series artist Ron Charles Williams.

These levels range from pretty cheap to a bit expensive. I encourage you to check out all of them at our KickStarter page and see if you might be interested. You can even make a donation of $2 just to help out.

And if we don’t reach the funding level by Wednesday, September 9, 2020, all pledges are void, nobody pays anything and the project is cancelled until we decide on a different way to publish the series.

And we will publish it. Issue #1 is complete and ready to go. Issue #2 is being lettered and issue #3 is being inked.

Thanks for your interest and your possible help.

Gary Carlson




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