Ultiman: The Ultimate Collection

Ultiman: The Ultimate CollectionChris Kelly is The Ultimate Human Being – Ultiman! Chris was a 4F reject driving home from his draft board, when his car was hit by a glowing meteor, charging him up with atomic power. He became as strong as an ox, as fast as a racing car, had skin like steel and could jump the length of a football field. He donned a costume and became ULTIMAN.

The volume in the BIG BANG COMICS COLLECTION gathers together all of the stories from Ultiman’s long list of super-heroic adventures.

A cornerstone of the Big Bang Comics Universe (along with Knight Watchman and Thunder Girl), Ultiman is a classic comic book character who’s adventures are fun for the whole family to read!

In addition to all of the Ultiman stories, this Pulp 2.0 edition features bonus materials such as never-before-seen artwork, the History of Ultiman, and rare material not seen in a decade. They’re all here – Ultiman, Lori Lake, Ultragirl, Thunder Girl, and the Pantheon of Heroes — the entire Ultiman Family of characters from the Big Bang universe.




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