Pantheon of Super-Heroes Part 2

Ulti_Family_Pg4aWelcome to part two of this blog about Big Bang’s Pantheon of Heroes, my loving homage to one of my favorite strips of all time, DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes.

There’s not much new in the way of info from me this time – I just thought that I’d share all the work and love that artist Darren Goodhart poured into his designs for these characters that were originally used for about 12 pages in Big Bang Comics #s 12, 14 and 18.

Our featured image is another page from the 2005 Ultiman Family #1’s “Legion of the Dead”, penciled by Greg Kirkpatrick and inked by Tim Stiles, based on Darren’s designs.

Last time around, I showed you a few character designs by Mark Lewis of a few of ButterflyQueenthe Silver Age Pantheon members. Mark also designed Butterfly Queen in a very Dave Cockrum-esque style. Astute readers may have noticed that we used a variation of the design and character as the Butterfly in the recent National Guardians issue of Big Bang Universe from AC Comics.


Below is what I believe to be my original roster for the 2970s era of the Pantheon. Some earlier names are referenced from the 60s, such as Lamp Lass and Atomic Kid.

The idea of the team itself was based on the concept of Christie (Ultragirl) Kelly, daughter of Ultiman. The conceit of our fake history was 1_Pantheon-Rosterthat although she wasn’t even born in the 1960s when the Pantheon stories began, they took place 1,000 years in the future, Big Bang could use the character and the copyright.

In the Pantheon stories, Christie’s mom was always shown from behind or in the shadows to keep readers guessing about just who Ultiman would eventually marry. Then Christie would travel through time to visit her friends in the future.

Darren Goodhart loved the Legion of Super-Heroes as much as I did and really went to town bringing the Pantheon characters to life, even creating additional members. Some of the designs were a bit too close to the originals, even for a 1-shot and were changed.


I hope you liked seeing them and enjoy them as much as I always have. Let me know what you think.

Thanks Darren!

Gary Carlson




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