BB Chronological Pt. 15: Bye Bye Caliber Press

dw1_ofcIn May of 1995, Big Bang Comics said goodbye to Caliber Press with the publication of BB #0 (see the previous blog) and Dr. Weird #2. Caliber and publisher Gary Reed had been good to us, but we never second-guessed the decision to leave when their distributor demanded a third of our Big Bang copyrights (with another third going to to Caliber).

At Caliber we had published six issues of Berzerker (most with covers by Angel Medina), five issues of Big Bang Comics, the first two issues of Knight Watchman: Graveyard Shift, the Dr. Weird Special and Dr. Weird #s 1 and 2.


BB Chronological Pt. 14: End of the Golden Age!

bb-0Big Bang #0 marked the end of an era, in more ways than one. It was the third part of our Golden Age trilogy which introduced the 1930s and 40s versions of the characters. On the other hand, it was pretty much our farewell to Caliber Comics as we would soon be moving Big Bang to Image Comics.

Caliber had already published BB issues 1 through 4, Berzerker 1 through 6, Knight Watchman #s 1 and 2, the Dr. Weird Special and Dr. Weird #s 1 and 2. (More on those comics in the next BANG! or two).


BB Chronological Part 13: Welcome to the 90s! Vol. 1 No. 4


Where Big Bang #s 1 and 2 from Caliber Press introduced the Golden Age heroes, and issue #3 did the same for the Silver Age versions, it stands to reason that BB #4 was going to focus on the Modern Age. (It was the 1990s). And so it was.


Big Bang Chronological Pt. 12: Silver & Gold! Vol. 1 No. 3

RTAsThe third issue of the original Big Bang Comics mini-series from Caliber Press arrived in October 1994, but it wasn’t the third part of the Golden Age that had been promised. Instead, it jumped right up to the Silver Age, and introduced the main continuity and characters of the Big Bang universe.

What prompted the change, you ask? The crux of the matter was Caliber’s distribution deal with Walmart. I think it was an exclusive deal, and expectations were high that the exposure was going to put Caliber and especially Big Bang on the map.


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