Big Bang Chronological Pt. 12: Silver & Gold! Vol. 1 No. 3

RTAsThe third issue of the original Big Bang Comics mini-series from Caliber Press arrived in October 1994, but it wasn’t the third part of the Golden Age that had been promised. Instead, it jumped right up to the Silver Age, and introduced the main continuity and characters of the Big Bang universe.

What prompted the change, you ask? The crux of the matter was Caliber’s distribution deal with Walmart. I think it was an exclusive deal, and expectations were high that the exposure was going to put Caliber and especially Big Bang on the map.


Big Bang Chronological Part 11: The Zirconium Age Arrives! Vol. 1, No. 2

BB2_CalThe second issue of the original Big Bang Comics mini-series from Caliber Press was part two of our introduction to the Golden Age versions of our characters. Ultiman was featured on a cover penciled by Chris Ecker and I believe it was inked by Mike Matthew.

The leadoff story “Ultiman vs. the Sub-oteurs,” was a loving homage to the works of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. As such, it was credited to Jimmy Ziegler & Jon Schuler. It was actually written by Chris Ecker and myself, penciled by Chris and inked by Don Simpson.


BB Chronological Part 10: Big Bang vol. 1, no. 1

BB1_CalAs we were working on the initial Big Bang Comics mini-series, we got some good news and bad news from the publisher, Caliber Press. The good news was that they had signed a deal for the comics to be sold in Walmart and that the interiors would be in color instead of black & white.BB1_OBC


Big Bang Chronological Part 9: Building the Bang!

Ashcan_CoverThe fan response to our Knight Watchman and Ultiman backups in Berzerker 1 and 2 had been great, and the publication of Alan Moore’s 1963 books at Image Comics proved that there was a market for our “retro” series, and in 1993 we were given the green light to get going on a Big Bang Comics mini-series by our publisher, Gary Reed at Caliber Press.

Actually, we were given our own imprint by Caliber, and the mini-series, Dr. Weird Special, Dr. Weird ongoing series and the first two issues of Knight Watchman: Graveyard Shift were all published under the Big Bang Comics banner over the next two years.


Big Bang Chronological Part 8: Berzerker #4 – Brother ‘Hood

BroHood_ashcanAThe fourth and final Big Bang “try-out” story appeared in the back-up slot of Berzerker #4 in December 1993. By then we were planning and starting to create what would become the original Big Bang Comics mini-series from Caliber Press, in which we would establish the Golden, Silver and Modern Ages of the Big Bang universe.


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