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    • 002

      Playing With Dolls

      Okay. I admit it. I played with dolls. The original G.I. Joe was a doll. He was 12 inches tall, like Barbie and Ken. You bought the basic doll, [...]
    • Alakazam

      Thunder Girl

      Picking a favorite character you’ve created is a bit like saying that you prefer one of your children over the others, but if pressed I would [...]
    • -Origin-1

      Sneak Peak: Knight Watchman Comic Strip

      Starting tomorrow, the Knight Watchman comic strip will be appearing three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday here on the Big Bang website [...]
    • KW_XMas_Austin_2002

      Happy Holidays

      Merry Christmas, everybody. I thought I’d share some of the Big Bang Christmas cards we sent out over the years, mostly to the BB contributors, [...]
    • BB_10

      The Kid Whiz

      I’ll let you in on a little secret: Chris Ecker is the Knight Watchman and I am Galahad. Chris created Reid Randall, the original Knight [...]
    • Crus_KMJ_1

      Almost the Knight Watchman

      Ultraman graduated from Megaton Comics to Big Bang Comics, albeit with a slight name change to Ultiman. Dr. Weird made the jump without any kind [...]
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