DimensioneerPromoIt’s ALIVE!

Attention all Big Bang fans: Dan Reed’s dynamic DIMENSIONEER is back!!!!! The star of Big Bang Comics #s 20-22 is alive and well and starring in his own brand-new website. The original stories have been remastered and are presented in full color for the very first time, and all-new adventures are on the way from the pen of dynamic Dan Reed. Check it out!


BBU_2_AC_COMICSShipping in December from AC Comics: BIG BANG UNIVERSE #2!
Just in time for Christmas! 80 pages of all out action as the National Guardians – Badge, Golden Idol, Venus, Ramm, Butterfly, El Gigante, BlackAdder – combine forces to protect the world from deadly threats such as the Hyper-Ape! The Blue Ox! The Ancient Mariner! Dr. Cadaver and Iron Maiden!

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, call your comic book shop TODAY!


BB-roleplaying supplement
HIDEOUTS & HOODLUMS Supplement V is finally here! This is the first time H&H, the premier retro comic book RPG, has teamed up with a retro comic book publisher, Big Bang. Big Bang founders Gary Carlson and Chris Ecker have reviewed and endorsed this product, in addition to offering invaluable feedback and access to their archives.





Product Description
Meet Protoplasman, the Human Waterballoon! The Liquidy Lawman uses his weird powers to fight evil in Mammoth City with his partner, P.I. Rose Daly. They often succeed despite the “help” of their sad sack sidekick, woeful Willie Wampum.
Thrills, Chills and Laughs abound in this Collectors’ Edition of 5 wild PROTOPLASMAN tales! You’ll see GIANT VAMPIRES! 2-HEADED CORPSES! HOLLYWOOD HOODLUMS! VIOLENT VIXENS and other menaces out to POP the Human Waterballoon!

Click the image above to find out more about the FULL COLOR  collector’s edition of Protoplasm Color Cavalcade.

NO!!!!!!!!!! Missing Links – Missing Pages

BB Presents #1     Our new title, BIG BANG UNIVERSE from AC Comics hit the comic shops this week and it feels great to be back on the stands. It’s 80 pages of stories that have never been released through the direct market before, although the main story, “Skeletons In The Closet” starring the Knight Watchman (featuring Kerry Talbott’s great art) has been available as a print on demand title from IndyPlanet. I ran the Galahad story by C.B. Burk here in the BANG! last year.

BB UNIVERSE also features an Ultiman tale by Jeff Weigel, Knight Watchman & Kid Galahad in “The Coming of the Watchgirl” by Bobby Nash and Jeff Austin and the Whiz Kids in “Trouble in Tinseltown,” drawn by Justin Wasson.

Big Bang superfan Brad Walker sent me an email note congratulating me on the return of Big Bang, and also pointed out that the Whiz Kids story was missing a page. I figured that he meant the last page, which I had left out to save space, tying up the story in 9 tidy pages.

I told Brad that I would post the excised page here soon. But as I was lettering the page this morning, I had a weird feeling and opened up the new BBU book to double check, and sure enough, Brad was wrong. There were TWO pages missing from the Whiz Kids story!!

I’ll let AC Comics know so that it can be fixed if it goes back to press. Meanwhile, here are pages 6 and 7, which are missing from the book. My apologies to anyone who bought the book, and especially to artist Justin Wasson, who has been waiting forever to see his story in print. Sorry Justin – we’ll get it right some day!

Gary Carlson




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