Big Bang Comics #09

Peter Chefren, strange visitor from a parallel Earth where ancient Egypt conquered the globe and established a dynasty, uses his powers, intellect and technology to combat crime as The Sphinx.

In “The Deeds of the Doomsayer” a diabolical fiend has transplanted the brains of condemned killers into powerful robot bodies and only the Adventure Ace can stop them!

Meanwhile, the Blitz battles a criminal with the power to transform anything into glass in “The Amazing Menace of Pain Glass.”

The Atomic Sub stands alone against War, Death, Famine and Pestilence in “The Four SeaHorsemen of the Apocalypse.”

Plus a classic Dr Weird reprint from the pages of Star-Studded Comics- “The Slaves of the She Beast.”

Nat Gertler, Mark Lewis


Price: $3.00


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